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  • Devoniski

    “Well, Wheel” make some progress LOL

  • lekiscool

    Mark reading Eve and not thinking about it any further.

  • Hellfire69

    IRbin is broken I got the stream message an hour later also I listened to the podcast after the video

  • Nathan Rys
    Nathan Rys

    Its 3am this is too funny

  • Frostbite Gaming
    Frostbite Gaming

    He's crazy

  • ;-;

    Holy $#!+

  • Sadie Wright
    Sadie Wright


  • Luke August
    Luke August


  • Selah Sanchez
    Selah Sanchez

    When u can’t listen to distractible because your dad made your account to not let you listen to explicit things🥲

  • iTyncWithReality

    They keep remaking it, and WE KEEP FALLING FOR IT!! 😂😂😂😂

  • Idkinternet Animations
    Idkinternet Animations


  • Skyril

    I laughed waaaaaay too much at this

  • Kyle M
    Kyle M

    I wish it was on my google podcast but i cant find it their i will go listen on spotify when i find time on my computer

  • yoshimasss

    Anybody else looking at the pores on marks face

  • Ulises

    the rose-flask thing reminds me of prushka from made in abyss

  • Dachless

    Ha. Jokes on you, I already listened to Distractible last night before I went to sleep

  • Arborath Asmodeas
    Arborath Asmodeas

    I saw this after I listened to the trailer and 1st episode LMAO

  • CrimsonStarCriticax

    Mark once said *“Do YoU wAnNa SeE sOmE rEaL sPeEd I’lL sHoW yOu SoMe ReAl SpEeD”*

  • M.K. Wissler
    M.K. Wissler

    Dude, Bob and Wade beat you to this by hours I've already listened to it.

  • Brociopath

    lol wut watches video: *confused face*

  • David Paulson
    David Paulson

    please post one everyday lol

  • Francheska Delavin
    Francheska Delavin

    i feel bad for the universe where fnaf never existed

  • Geminate Nine
    Geminate Nine

    Well after four minutes of Mark insulting everyone, I decided to close the video and unsubscribe and I suggest you all follow suit.

  • Bucket Of Butter
    Bucket Of Butter

    did you know that markiplier has adhd?

  • Poco Loco
    Poco Loco

    How do I go to the description

  • Owen Last name.
    Owen Last name.

    Dimitrescu dies Mark: in denial

  • Steven Haga
    Steven Haga

    45 minutes of this. That takes a lot of effort

  • Jaded and Empty
    Jaded and Empty

    The most horrifying part of this video was Mark pronouncing the S in "debris".

  • Caden Viss
    Caden Viss

    18 seconds in and i gave up

  • lebrone acma
    lebrone acma


  • Maddie Mew Mew
    Maddie Mew Mew

    Me: **Looks at Fran in the thumbnail while watching the last episode of this, before Fran got arms and legs at the time** "Oh, I like that!" **Sees Polantras** "Oh, I DON'T like THAT."

  • Quackquackimasnack 123
    Quackquackimasnack 123

    He did like this smolder looking face and I instantly thought “ Flynn Rider” 😂

  • cazacu florin
    cazacu florin

    If is not on IRbin I don't watch it.

  • Paolo Librado
    Paolo Librado

    Some of you know this but ethan die on resident evio 7 when he was at tye bakers family eveline said that to him the reason why ethan got to survive in the game its because he is a molded

  • Snap Backs
    Snap Backs


  • That random Firebat
    That random Firebat

    I work in a nuclear reactor. And I’m distracted

  • selu elisala
    selu elisala

    Lady Dimitrescu is actually pronounced Dem-o-tr-isk

  • Lunar Lioness
    Lunar Lioness


  • Coffee Goddess
    Coffee Goddess

    Question of the day is What the hell? Answer?: One word, Mark. Parents. (Also, My name’s Abigail, and I’m sorry for not listening to it. I bet it’s so amazing, and that you worked hard on it, thank you very much for doing that, Mark!💜

  • Kartikeya Joshi
    Kartikeya Joshi

    "Who's her mom?"

  • AmrddH

    11:10 omg it's the fish pewds missed, and mark got them just by messing around lol

  • Jade Hyena
    Jade Hyena

    Yoooo new pov ASMR is dope! "Getting yelled at for not doing the thing. But not wanting to do the thing, because enjoying getting yelled at." And people say ASMR does nothing for them.

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person

    Oh it’s beautiful

  • Tieguy

    I already did, I need MORe

  • Osy Reals
    Osy Reals

    5:27 I'm showing this too my friend Alex without context. He's watching these five minutes till he hear it by his self. Without context ( ͡°ᴥ ͡° ʋ)

  • helmuri22

    Alright. So i was wrong in mark's 5th resident evil video

  • Butch Coolidge
    Butch Coolidge

    1:06 lixian markiplier jr

  • lolfrog uwu
    lolfrog uwu

    Markiplier unwittingly made ASMR

  • Starsonight

    P i e

  • Xavier García
    Xavier García

    It's Mark more and more goof to play horror games or it's me?

  • ChronoChrome

    Lixian'd mark should advertise things more often.

  • Nelson Sandi
    Nelson Sandi

    i finish ur podcast

  • Magnytyze

    Why does mark look like a 17 yr old highschool dropout

  • murdertoons

    He lied to us because he did shut up when the video ended

  • Just Another Random Crit
    Just Another Random Crit

    That just sounds like a more professional 3 Peens

  • Kaye Duhhh
    Kaye Duhhh

    Never only lasted 45 mins, huh?

  • Edward Schwartze
    Edward Schwartze

    He lost

  • Pewdicers

    Wtf i missed it

  • Beetroot and strawberry soup
    Beetroot and strawberry soup

    metal balls of uranus i forgot how to spell lol

  • DemPuppies 008
    DemPuppies 008

    Lixian deserves all the head pats for being good boy editor uwu

  • SpoiledMilk_Beats

    "the links broken" Too many people are trying to get distracted. But altogether not enough are trying to get distracted. Go click the link. Get distracted, because you shouldn't be focusing on reading this comment right now. How dare you stil be reading, just go click the link. Or look it up. Just get distracted.

  • Panda Pog
    Panda Pog

    Lixian I am far to high for this. Amazing sound FX though.

  • David Miljkovic
    David Miljkovic

    I'm gonna go to the podcast in exactly 4:30 AM 18 may 2022 :)

  • SnapSnap840

    I'll get to it eventually

  • Coenie Snyman
    Coenie Snyman

    I love the titel LOL

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    *What the Hell?* I've kind been dead so...

  • no pls
    no pls

    I already have!

  • Furqaan

    he said he wont shut up 25 seconds in he didnt talk

  • Welsh Dragon
    Welsh Dragon

    maybe if you stop trying to kill/open every damn thing with the knife then you wouldn't die so often lmfaoo

  • Nikkob

    27:14 a fully automatic M1911?

  • Kaeanna Lehuanani
    Kaeanna Lehuanani

    mark : *hears a glass break* mark : *becomes an owl* also mark : BeStIe?!

  • Butter Queen
    Butter Queen

    Wait a minute I just realized Hold on, why are you reading this? Go listen to distractable.

  • Jeeaz Houz
    Jeeaz Houz

    Well I guess I'll go before I'm even 5 mins in the video.

  • Bomb DotCom
    Bomb DotCom

    Who knew my first time joining one of Mark's livestreams would be spent being yelled at for not listening to distractable-

  • Wild Fire
    Wild Fire

    So every news network

  • Tamplushboy


  • Daniel Venegas
    Daniel Venegas

    Mark i'm only use Deezer, please put it on Deezer