It's time for 3 Scary Games! Today we're playing TERRIFYING Sombiphobia, the CREEPY Lightkeeper, and the HORRIFYING Undiscovered House!
EDITED BY ► LIXIAN irbin.info
Somniphobia ► gamejolt.com/games/somniphobia/595808
The Lightkeeper ► such-nick.itch.io/thelightkeeper
Undiscovered House ► sysrebgames.itch.io/undiscovered-house-demo
Scary Games Playlist ► irbin.info/number/PL3tRBEVW0hiBSFOFhTC5wt75P2BES0rAo
Horror Outro ► soundcloud.com/shurkofficial/haunted

  • I'm_Not_ Real
    I'm_Not_ Real

    1:07 5:33 12:54 15:54 16:53 22:44 23:22 25:09 25:35 31:47 33:49

  • Pi Co
    Pi Co

    Me personally I think mark would be a perfect parent

  • NekoNekoMe

    23:03 I absolutely love "The moral of the story when you are in a horror situation and you have the option to escape, you should take that." lol

  • Parthiv Saravanan
    Parthiv Saravanan

    8:50 Ayo Zuko you got some competition

  • Cameron Ziegler
    Cameron Ziegler

    "I enjoy spending time with my family, do you have a family?" Mark: "oh you know.. I dunno" Me: "typical american.."

  • Noobz Get rekt
    Noobz Get rekt

    Anyone else hear drunken sailor in the second horror game

  • Camaro 300zx
    Camaro 300zx

    i did not like that first jump scare

  • •!Unique_LoserI• __.
    •!Unique_LoserI• __.

    The first game is like Five nights at Freddys plus Five nights at Freddys 4 mixed together.

  • Hurricane HD!
    Hurricane HD!

    Jumpscare one: happens Me: where are the other two?

  • Jae'Quan Barr
    Jae'Quan Barr

    anyone else love that marks hair is noticeably longer for the undiscovered house segment lol

  • ヌツテつぬちむふつん!


  • jameson boy
    jameson boy

    When you turn the volume up to hear the heart beat and get jumpscare later on :)

  • Puppypotpie

    They were coming through both holes, Mark. At the same time okay.

  • AidenDaMep

    2:25 those are literally just the default unity trees along with a checkered texture, lazy game design idk.

  • Shannon Turner
    Shannon Turner


  • O̷v̷e̷r̷r̷a̷t̷e̷d̷S̷e̷n̷p̷a̷i̷

    When wathing this I realised that I wasn't subscribed ;-;

  • Andrii Pidberezhnyk
    Andrii Pidberezhnyk

    Begin wake up at 6 am to charging horror

  • Brian "Hoodie" Thomas
    Brian "Hoodie" Thomas

    shadow: *comesout the bath tub* me: *gets scard and chokes on my food*

  • JesaLyn Pippin
    JesaLyn Pippin

    Can you play little nightmares

  • Mary S
    Mary S

    It’s 65

  • Cate


  • Zyad Elemarwany
    Zyad Elemarwany

    the first game was very creepy. i have played, experienced and seen lots of fnaf games (with fan mods), but this one was really well made.

  • Maurice Bandy
    Maurice Bandy


  • Ali Kamali1386
    Ali Kamali1386


  • Hannah Lind
    Hannah Lind

    i’ve never gotten scared from jump scares but the first game RLLY got me this time lmaooo omg.

  • Hinata Shoyo
    Hinata Shoyo

    i can not believe this man just called himself ugly like bro the amount of time i had to pause your videos to admire you is uncountable. ive watched this man for like 4 or 5 year and i cant recall him calling himself ugly. i love you and your videos and dont say that again, you bootyful man

  • Phoenix Borealis
    Phoenix Borealis

    The little creature in the corner looks like it remembers when they first invented chocolate.

  • Profeta

    Ask The Gods.

  • Marco’s Ways
    Marco’s Ways

    imagine actually going trough a house like that in the same situation

  • Eric Laguna
    Eric Laguna

    Holu shit you made me scream 😆

  • Jones Crimson
    Jones Crimson

    Grandma Steve is looking pretty pale these days.

  • _ Crocodoom
    _ Crocodoom

    6:35 oh god French mark Is here

  • Mx. Pelotas
    Mx. Pelotas

    that shadow person in the bathtub scared me so bad i screamed so loud. my dad walked in and asked if i hurt myself or something, when he saw my just sitting at my laptop, shaking, he shook his head and left. today was a great day

  • Austin Mccloud
    Austin Mccloud

    Oh my god..... It’s 100 times more intense when he tells us the jump scares ahead of time.

  • Emily Kaulback
    Emily Kaulback

    Play little nightmare 2!

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith

    Mark, don't open your mouth to much around a hole in the wall. Lest you find out an ancient chinese secret. ❤️

  • bunnty


  • Ethan Starshine
    Ethan Starshine

    18:05 idk what it says about me but I started to softly sing the lyrics to this music. Sea Shanty go brr.

  • Victor Cifuentes
    Victor Cifuentes

    video: 3 scary games 68 Mark: 3 different looks

  • AlexTheDefender

    3 scary games and when Mark plays with Bob or Wade are his funniest videos

  • BaconLeaf

    12:50 i was picking my nose and when i saw this jumpscare i accidently poked it in a little far and was scared that i would bleed.

  • Sakura Studios
    Sakura Studios


  • Ms.Wicked

    Can we all agree to just spam “nice” in the next scary games?

  • Bakugo Katsukii-_-
    Bakugo Katsukii-_-

    These fucking jump scares 💀💀

  • the helper of games
    the helper of games

    *jump scare happens* Me: zzzzzzz *yawns* oh im sorry that jump scare put me to sleep

  • aleynak 2014
    aleynak 2014

    5:33 that was the FIRST time ever i threw my phone because of a jumpscare. Almost shat a brick.

  • Mattew Bennett
    Mattew Bennett

    when the horror game says press shift to run and starts auto saving

  • Aletz RDZ
    Aletz RDZ

    sometimes i forget darkiplier is still inside mark, that's why he's always behaves in certain ways only in ''scary videos''

  • toast

    How come every non professional voice actor sounds exactly the same

  • goomba3456

    Is it just me or did that foghorn sound like a vhs tape rewinding

  • Charles Goldberg
    Charles Goldberg

    Bruh we both have ADHD ayyyyyyyyy!

  • Dezirae Friesen
    Dezirae Friesen

    2:27 "follow me" Fnaf 3 flashbacks

  • Gunslinger SyayoRPG/CRPG
    Gunslinger SyayoRPG/CRPG

    boring... go play Fatal Frame 1 on PSXOne lol

  • Beatrice Dorian
    Beatrice Dorian

    I love how Mark's reaction to seeing a shadowy figure at the end of the hall is to charge at it

  • Slik91

    You made my childhood and I’m happy you’re still here love your IRbin videos and I hope you never stop

  • Masen D'Amato
    Masen D'Amato

    To be honest the jump scares they put in never actually scare me, the only jump scares that scare me SOMETIMES is the ones in the games

  • AJ TheWindWolf64
    AJ TheWindWolf64

    Gonna be honest, the second jumps are got me.

  • Joyce Logia
    Joyce Logia

    I wake up at 6 a.m. every morning so my sisters don't call me a lazy slob and make my depression worse-

  • egguhtoast

    That last one, I need to see more of it...

  • Cameron Moles
    Cameron Moles

    Somniphobia causes extreme anxiety and fear around the thought of going to bed. This phobia is also known as hypnophobia, clinophobia, sleep anxiety, or sleep dread. Sleep disorders can cause some anxiety around sleeping. jus so everyone knows have a good day

  • Roth

    24:45 He lightkeeper.

  • Deltater

    Guys lets get it to 69

  • locomotivefaox

    32:15 DOOR STUCK

  • RD Healthcare
    RD Healthcare

    This is the first time I have dropped my phone from a jumpscare. Fascinating.

  • Ghost Redz TV
    Ghost Redz TV


  • itsukizy

    just fyi this video isn’t on the scary games playlist

  • Sandra04

    Hope he knows that the scares isn’t scary but funny and cute🥺

  • •C H U B_C H U B •
    •C H U B_C H U B •

    The jumpscare from the actual game got me shivering I was speaking in class to my teacher while watching this and Screamed:PATA MADRE"

  • Niki Horrorshow
    Niki Horrorshow

    Someone in that lighthouse wasn’t fond of the lobster 😔

  • Alex C
    Alex C

    yet another FNAF game. Can those stop existing yet?

  • Muhammad hamza
    Muhammad hamza

    All jump scares 5:30 (spooky weird thing) 12:40 (spooky music box) 12:43 (another spooky weird thing) 15:50 (a honk noise) 16:48 (another honk) 20:05 (a whisper) 21:16 (door gets locked and mark gets spooked) 22:39 (you get smacked) 23:43 (RUN) 25:54 (SWERVE) 26:40 (something in the window) 27:47 (loud piano sounds) 28:00 (mark gets spooked by sudden noise) 28:20 (thud) 29:16 (rocking chair) 29:58 (random object in behind door but has sudden spook sound when you see it to make you think its a person) 30:15 (on the run to chase person in house) 30:25 (gore warning in closet) 31:46 (SHADOW) 32:11 (spooky person outside door) 33:00 (leggies)

    • Megatronus Prime
      Megatronus Prime

      You literally just copied that one comment. You're a clown

  • Jeremiah

    I literally thought my sprite was pouring all over my bed 😂😂😂 from that liquid noise

  • Meet Tamer Mike
    Meet Tamer Mike


  • Duck McDuffin
    Duck McDuffin

    Sorry bug

  • Duck McDuffin
    Duck McDuffin

    Z e oxAre you gonna be nasty dirty when your mommy comes


    23:21 I don't say anythink

  • The Wind Waking Hero
    The Wind Waking Hero


  • Golden Heart
    Golden Heart

    Who else started to laugh in the jumpscares 😂✋

  • Cora and Kate’s Channel!
    Cora and Kate’s Channel!

    I’m subscribed to markplier and markplier Murphy

  • Hailey R
    Hailey R

    4:21 reminds me of the old lady in that episode of spongebob that was like “Chocolate? I remember when they first invented chocolate” 😆

    • KDE Paris
      KDE Paris

      "I HATED IT"

  • kendall uchiha
    kendall uchiha

    12:52 🙂

  • HopeTV

    I love you vids

  • 8 Teen
    8 Teen

    I miss the scary compilations.

  • Knut Røyseth
    Knut Røyseth

    Me thinking I'm about to get jumpscared, but I then see this: at 24:44

  • Syarif Badaruđin
    Syarif Badaruđin

    1:06 Markiplier looks ugly when you screaming


    Me when I accidentally cutting someone off in traffic: 16:02

  • Łäžÿ_Łümpÿ

    Omg that jump scare really scared the fuck out of me the first one 😱

  • Morbid Mary
    Morbid Mary

    OMG the background music i love that song, drunkin sailor. "way hey and up she rises way hey and up she rises earlie in the mornin"

  • Xequilatina-lily

    The rocking chair REALLY got me there.

  • Yeet Turkey
    Yeet Turkey

    23:12 Bro I just pissed my self

  • Yeet Turkey
    Yeet Turkey

    Why'd I almost shit my pants at the first jumpscare even though I knew it was coming lol

  • Megan Misaki
    Megan Misaki

    25:55 Why they don’t make a Ford pinto anymore

  • Water Dragon
    Water Dragon

    The shadow by the bathtub scared the shit out of me.

  • Horror Sans
    Horror Sans

    Lixian's face in the beginning was f**king priceless 🤣🤣🤣

  • Foxy- 101
    Foxy- 101

    The first time mark died scared the hell out of me.

  • Oats

    Oats Approved

  • João Pedro Pipinel
    João Pedro Pipinel

    Ha! I didn't get scared on the first jumpscare

  • MasterJohn

    Markiplier, i like the scary games series alot but i like the intensity of it... and not the jumpscares. could you please add jumpscare warnings? Edit: in subtitles perhaps

  • Anime Spongebob
    Anime Spongebob

    Theres this game called Scrutinized Basically a murderer killed your cousin and you have to do police reports and either shred them or turn them in the wifi goes out and you have to close all the windows and there are jumpscares so keep the lights on to try and prevent that from happening cameras are installed in the front yard, back yard, and pointed towards the sidewalk so you know where this stalker guy is there are 3 modes that i forgot the name of and the amount of reports you turn in becomes greater and greater the further you go and if you turn in 3 false reports you get kidnapped by either the stalker or the weird bald headed dude

  • Aidan Christopher
    Aidan Christopher

    Am I who gets scared by mark screaming and not the jumpscares?