A LITTLE OFF THE TOP | Huniepop 2 - PART 5
Next episode is gonna be HUUUUUUUUUGE! Just warning you to prepare thyself!
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  • BloodyBeeuwu

    I'm guessing he can't do part 6 for a number of reasons but ima guess that: -working on this new project and can only do shorter videos -youtube giving him the big ol'fuck you

  • Mando_Dablord

    So we just gonna accept the fact that Mark completely dropped this series?

  • Legacy

    New upload?

  • Camphost

    Last online 8 years ago

  • Jax morning star
    Jax morning star

    Where's the new episode

  • Lil B F
    Lil B F

    Where’s the next video mark

  • isaac lopez
    isaac lopez

    She’s more hunipop

  • AjDqPro

    Damn imma miss this series

  • Gojinger

    Mark: "Excuse me ladies, my spidey sense is tingling" Me, knowing full well that's actually one of the things spider sense does: "You son of a bitch."

  • corncrab

    Man the next episode better be great.

  • Andres Diaz
    Andres Diaz

    Mark, please.... I feel cold, my eyes are closing... Please give us the next episode I can't resist any longer...

  • X Bass
    X Bass

    Currently eating two toasties at 2 am whilst watching a man play and panic over a “censored” porn game. This is a feeling that only a god would have

  • Máté Antal
    Máté Antal

    the next episode really *was* huge! a huge fucking disappointment

  • Virus1125

    Finish this mark pleaseeee have u forgotten hunie pop ;(

  • grergor


  • Salvadguez Art_YT
    Salvadguez Art_YT


  • Zaviuan Phelps
    Zaviuan Phelps

    wheres lixian in this video

  • Angelo Apuada
    Angelo Apuada

    I think Mark hasn’t uploaded part 6 cause he is still busy with Lady Dimitrescu but, still waiting for it.

  • Amodh1257 Playz
    Amodh1257 Playz

    Guys.... this part got age restricted.... That might be why we haven't gotten a part 6 yet.... :(

    • Máté Antal
      Máté Antal

      just put "nsfw" before the "youtube" in the URL

  • Zachary Pang
    Zachary Pang

    I think I speak for everyone when I say... PART 6! PART 6! PART 6!

  • Luke Gerhart
    Luke Gerhart

    Part 6 should be coming soon... right? I’m losing hope...

  • Budsta Wudsta
    Budsta Wudsta


  • Simon Lemkemeier
    Simon Lemkemeier

    Uh part 6 plz😬

  • Viviana Vasuna
    Viviana Vasuna


  • Pasta B0i
    Pasta B0i

    Markipler play Huniepop 2 challenge.

  • jade brooks
    jade brooks

    I’m not crazy right? There no episode added after this? He never uploaded another huniepop to finish this

  • ♡KayKun

    ........ its been 45 days Mark. the people are horny and waiting.

  • The holonet
    The holonet

    What happened to huniepop!?

  • Evening Enigma
    Evening Enigma

    Are we not getting Part 6? :(

  • Nathan Smith
    Nathan Smith


  • Joanna Tiller
    Joanna Tiller

    Day 700 of asking for a new HUNNIEPOP video 😭

  • noraenora

    as a Nora whose dad left when I was younger leading to my commitment issues... i am very creeped out by this game LMAO

  • Andreas Lavok
    Andreas Lavok

    Next time if you censor make foxy from fnaf 2

  • Gabbi

    So hope he doesn’t drop this series.

  • Konnie


  • Fabian Cheong
    Fabian Cheong

    Mark! The ladies need you!! Come back!!

  • Queen BunBun
    Queen BunBun

    *consistently looking each day for part 6* whereeeee is itt??

  • pas3l. d3v1l
    pas3l. d3v1l

    markkkk next episode???

  • NotAllCatsAreNice

    Please continue this.

  • Michael Weninger
    Michael Weninger

    Psst... part 6 please!

  • Sergeant Asshat
    Sergeant Asshat

    Just like my dad you never came back to finish what you started

  • Littlemissdeadcutie

    When is there gonna be more huniepop 2?

  • Jay T AKA Jeremiah Tisdale
    Jay T AKA Jeremiah Tisdale


  • Alexander F.
    Alexander F.

    43 days later. Will it ever return? Will Mark ever come back, is he dead? How many licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop? Will these questions ever be answered?

  • Nyssa Rolls
    Nyssa Rolls

    Mark please release Part 6 pleasssssssssse

  • Mirthless

    Mark: *Next episode is gonna be HUUUUUUUUUGE!* us nearly dead from booba starvation: Mark: *Next episode is gonna be HUUUUUUUUUGE!*

  • Ajexec


  • Cody Davis
    Cody Davis

    When’s the next episode coming out?

  • unikitty76

    Mark PLEASE give us part 6 😩😩

  • Shiddy Channel1
    Shiddy Channel1

    He’s not coming back is he?

  • Swai Awai
    Swai Awai

    Dude are we getting part 6

  • Princess Cimorene
    Princess Cimorene

    Are we under the assumption he's not continuing this series

  • The Hernando
    The Hernando

    Well rip to this series I guess

  • Joe Vinky
    Joe Vinky

    R.I.P. this series. It’s been fun

    • Cool_Cody

      @Mazer Mustaine He is in Canada... filming a movie... He's not gonna be back for quite a while

    • Mazer Mustaine
      Mazer Mustaine

      @Alex Shearer I really hope that’s true :(

    • Alex Shearer
      Alex Shearer

      I heard he will be back. He’s in Canada or somewhere where he doesn’t have his full setup

  • Joshua Dsouza
    Joshua Dsouza

    Bruh I'm starting to get the feeling that he stopped these episode which I hope isn't the case but...

  • Luxai

    Mark getting emotionally destroyed when he's in a situation where someone else is the center of attention is a joke and a half truth that will never get old.

  • Tiny Moon
    Tiny Moon

    Mark pleeeaaassseee 😭 where is the next episode

  • TriniBoi Gaming
    TriniBoi Gaming

    Rip part 6

  • Haiven M.
    Haiven M.

    I watched the video abt half way and didn’t continue it for abt a month and I just click on and hear “chuga lug”

  • Scrapehead

    A part of me dies every time a girl gets upset.

  • Sh4ringan Games
    Sh4ringan Games

    Gg looks like we wont get the ending we deserve

  • Dimitra Fox_SrT
    Dimitra Fox_SrT

    is this series goin to be finished?? im still curious about what happens next.

  • amanda

    mark im gonna need episode 6 asap

  • Space Marine
    Space Marine


  • Dusk Haven1080
    Dusk Haven1080

    I really hope mark doesn’t drop this series >.< i know he’s busy and now he’s playing resident evil village but I still wanna see more of this

  • TheOtherGuy5150

    Anybody else realize that the Aquarium soundtrack is the same as the Ice Rink soundtrack from the original game, but it's muffled?

  • Ian Behnke
    Ian Behnke

    Its been over a month

  • Chloe

    Mark, please come back!

  • kean diedrich
    kean diedrich

    Next episode when?

  • Blacknight657

    Mark: I plan to finish this game Us: hmm

  • Sauce Man
    Sauce Man

    MarkiMoo we request part 6 along with your dating advice and puzzle skills

  • DAD5Draco

    Damn, he got the age restriction and now we won't get more. Who snitched? I wanna find that person.

    • David Weisleder Shacalo
      David Weisleder Shacalo

      Wait seriously

  • Blake

    Part 6???

  • jptrnash

    I'm just sitting here, waiting for part 6..

  • Katelyn Murray
    Katelyn Murray

    We need part 6 we need to know what weather is!!!😂

  • Greedo The Dorito
    Greedo The Dorito

    I need a continuation it’s been so long

  • big dik daddy
    big dik daddy

    Part 6

  • Supa Sanic
    Supa Sanic

    Part 6?


    Mark: OMG!!! IMMA A SEX GODDD!

  • Ropen

    im waiting for the part 6

  • Brianna Banana
    Brianna Banana

    Imagine being Jessie and waiting for your date to do you but you just hear “No! Oh that’s such a great move. How do I set that up?” Or “Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh let’s do that!” And seeing him aggressively swipe the air 😂

  • Valiantiron

    14:24 sh** got real

  • micro 11
    micro 11

    Wow.. a.. hot girl with a veil, may i ask what's the use of it?

  • Chicken Head
    Chicken Head

    Huniepop and Part 6: Mark have you forgotten me 😭

  • larry the bookshelf
    larry the bookshelf

    next episode please bruv while your at it bring back forest

  • Ergo jaso
    Ergo jaso

    More need more

  • Joanna Tiller
    Joanna Tiller


  • Supreme Leader Darktsar
    Supreme Leader Darktsar

    can't wait for part 6

  • eena suuronen
    eena suuronen

    Still waiting for that part 6 :(

  • Big Bear
    Big Bear

    Do more hunie pop

  • Syzygy

    God, Jessie opening up about nobody calling her after hitting a certain age really hit me and stuck with me for days afterwards :(

  • DeepShadedGlassesGuy

    ABIA o.o m y g o s h

  • GLaDOS Main Core
    GLaDOS Main Core

    Huniepop 2 part 6 please

  • Nate dog1520
    Nate dog1520

    oh so this is what my friend were talking about...... so when part 6

  • Thomas The Crunk Engine
    Thomas The Crunk Engine

    Huniepop part 6

  • uhn

    This is one game that I really don’t want to get added to the “unfinished series list”

    • 0fficial_ Tid3_
      0fficial_ Tid3_

      @Aid Mas hopefully

    • Jeremiah Cyril
      Jeremiah Cyril

      @Aid Mas yeah I hope you’re right

    • Aid Mas
      Aid Mas

      Hopefully he's continues playing when he gets back

    • Jeremiah Cyril
      Jeremiah Cyril

      Idk at this rate, with him being in Another Country and All the Games he’s been playing like RE 8 it may be an unfinished series unfortunately.

    • David Weisleder Shacalo
      David Weisleder Shacalo

      Bro it’s added

  • unknown youtuber
    unknown youtuber

    red mean affection

    • ryuzai

      It’s sexuality .-.

  • Aubrey Lazo
    Aubrey Lazo

    Literally, I think this whole series is the best compilation of Markiplier being confused and horny at the same time!

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki

    2:44 vrrr?

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki

    What the the VRRRRRRRR