Alien Isolation: REVISITED
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  • StarDragon25

    Mark: Please cut that out noise I just made, that was shockingly involuntary Lixian: No, I don't think I will

  • Bakugo Katsukii-_-
    Bakugo Katsukii-_-

    I fucking love how at the end he kind of looks away from the camera. Makes it 10x more funny

  • Allister Fiend
    Allister Fiend

    That final MS Paint sequence was the single most cursed thing on this channel

  • Damian Davidson
    Damian Davidson

    Mark. Why did you stop playing with yamimash

  • Alicia Miller
    Alicia Miller

    I find comfort knowing that if I ever need to explain what having ADHD is like, I can just show them this video with no extra explanation.

  • Killing Time In Eternity
    Killing Time In Eternity

    My god those death sounds are so bad XDD

  • Dominic Ledoux
    Dominic Ledoux

    You gonna smoke some weed while your up here in Canada?

  • The Drunken Sunbro
    The Drunken Sunbro

    What even was that voice acting for labyrinth?

  • Elastios

    I loved this series ❤

  • JelliVlogs

    14:22 me when i put my glasses on

  • Archie Stiglitz
    Archie Stiglitz

    So we got this one episode just to mess with us? get our hopes up? Cmon maaaaaan!!!!!

  • T Greaux
    T Greaux

    I humbly submit this video to the world as evidence of the need for redistribution of wealth in the United States.

  • Efe

    Where is the 2.episode

  • Yee Ya boi
    Yee Ya boi

    this revisit was much needed

  • NukeStupidity

    the vid is already worth watching just because of mark's reaction at 9:00

  • OreoBoi

    12:07 Chad Ripley vs Virgin Alien.

  • Phoenix Borealis
    Phoenix Borealis

    Quarantine gets to the best of us.

  • Toppy Notchy
    Toppy Notchy

    Just to let you know, I hate horror games, but you playing it 6 years ago is helping me complete it. You always miss the glowing screens in the wall, that's how you update maps. Just letting you know.

  • The_B0t 320
    The_B0t 320

    13:00 it’s beautiful art!!

  • Stormi Andersen
    Stormi Andersen

    Me remembering the first time he played. ^-^ I'm so glad he's playing again

  • SikthYGameS

    is that blood nope that's electronics lol

  • Richard Wilson
    Richard Wilson

    I hate Canada

    • Kenn Honson X
      Kenn Honson X

      I hate America

  • C R
    C R

    There's not one thing from the movie Mark recognized, yet he said he was a big fan of the alien franchise 🤔 -the mothership when Marlow explores the signal -the engineer inside the ship -the bomb Amanda used to blow up the sevastapol -the scene where Parker tries to save Lambert

  • Expressive Gamer
    Expressive Gamer


  • salatiel chavez bustos
    salatiel chavez bustos

    Ey Mark do you enjoy this game?

  • Hayden Reid
    Hayden Reid

    Um, the link is working Mark

  • JustLuisReally

    13:03 that's something for me I'm saving.

  • Noah Starck
    Noah Starck

    At 6:02 it’s worth noting that in the movie ‘Alien’, Dallas dies by panicking and taking the ladder straight down into the Alien. Mark dies in a similar fashion here. Oh, the irony.

  • Metal CS
    Metal CS

    New character BlueIplier

  • Neon Noir
    Neon Noir

    Fantastic fucking game, wish they'd make more.

  • G Fine
    G Fine

    its not free anymore sad face

  • Xerz Zilla
    Xerz Zilla


  • Jennifer

    my boyfriend has borrowed this game from me for about 6 months and now i really want it back after watching this

  • Enter Toby
    Enter Toby

    Its ok mark, that's what horror games make you do

  • Seth Redetzke
    Seth Redetzke

    hey Mark you should play Dead Space next!

  • Mizore M
    Mizore M

    he's right, the game started completely different from when he played isolation before

  • Cole Monda
    Cole Monda

    I have been waiting for this day for the longest tome

  • Remboar Rääpäle
    Remboar Rääpäle


  • Anthony Tjahja
    Anthony Tjahja

    Seems like ya need an egpu if the graphics going in hard like that mark

  • hunter brand
    hunter brand


  • Unknowntill2023

    may i ask why is he on a laptop now? what happened to his desktop?

  • Guilty_core 343
    Guilty_core 343

    This game literally gives me restless leg syndrome because of how anxious and trying to outrun the when I'm sitting down in NY chair lol

  • Hannah Jones
    Hannah Jones

    i had never seen any of the alien movies until after i watched alien isolation, so in a way, mark is the reason i fell in love with the alien franchise, and it’s really cool to see him revisit this game

  • Hannah Jones
    Hannah Jones

    i was coming to rewatch markiplier’s play through and saw this and got so excited!!

  • Mac the GreenFox
    Mac the GreenFox

    I didnt expect to find this

  • Reem

    9:00 Best part.

  • Little Wretch
    Little Wretch

    I know Mark is all preoccupied with Lady Dimitrescu, but I hope he keeps playing this too lol

  • banane oshitt
    banane oshitt

    childhood moment

  • Captain Cücumber
    Captain Cücumber

    he's fucking lost it

  • Hayden Savauge
    Hayden Savauge

    I played this on hardest difficulty and got so jumpscared i imediately not realizing deleted the game

  • Shooting_Stars

    I nearly lost it and almost started laughing out loud near the middle, I'm in class lol 8:53

  • Logan

    Holy crap this game was a real nerve wrecker, the tension, the fear and suspense. God it makes me wonder how the hell the developers made the game so goddamn good to the point that not only did it inspire fear, it created fear in the players. One of my top ten games of all time


    Me from a random video on IRbin putting me back to the original: WHERE IS IT WHERE IS IT? Comments: Here you go 9:01

  • My Name Is Alec
    My Name Is Alec

    Me: Markiplier : 9:01

  • Carl

    markiplier with MS paint = 12 year old kid with a marker in their school's bathroom stall

  • CallMeErik

    What goes blum must go blam.

  • Juice Vendor
    Juice Vendor

    9:00 is funny reaction for those searching

  • Wesley C
    Wesley C

    Really, you're going to play more of this game.

  • chuckBtv

    how many subs can i get from this comment currently: 67

  • Seasonal Spells
    Seasonal Spells

    Me: Damn I wish I could stream Alien Isolation Markiplier: SUHPRISE SHORTAY

  • Zachary Dean98
    Zachary Dean98

    I'm so surprised on his art skills

  • Kyle Pope
    Kyle Pope

    That was the best storytelling I’ve ever witnessed, i feel like I’ve been blessed

  • Tami

    Wish the video was longer

  • Kacidy McFarland
    Kacidy McFarland

    me just enjoying mark trying to draw and explaining things just makes my day XD

  • SuperTutorials


  • AltOf LiMb
    AltOf LiMb

    In space no one can hear you complain about terminals

  • Raging God mandalorian
    Raging God mandalorian

    wonder if he'll ever revisit Vanish

  • Katelyn Turner
    Katelyn Turner

    "I can see....I CAN FIGHT!!!" -King Arthur from fairly odd parents

  • Tristan E
    Tristan E

    Yes!!! Loved the fame and your play through!

  • Unplugged Gaming
    Unplugged Gaming




  • Young Competitive
    Young Competitive

    you can be cool sometimes

  • Brosterroaster0


  • da potatoe
    da potatoe

    First markiplier videos I watched was the alien isolation and christ this hits me with nostalgia

  • Sara Baird
    Sara Baird

    I apologize, the link doesn't work. Help, please?

  • 482k7

    “Is that blood? No, it’s electronics. Even worse.” - Markiplier, 2021

  • sub terranea
    sub terranea

    "is that blood?" "no, electronics; even worse."

  • nefariou5

    highlight of the video 8:36

  • Unordinary Entity
    Unordinary Entity

    I played this game and uhhhh screamed a bunch..

  • DelaryHap

    15:47 MY BACK!! MY BACK!! Ahhhhh I can't

  • Madao

    9:00 Your welcome! Edit: My sides are gone... Halp...

  • Imagin ESO
    Imagin ESO

    I'd watch a series of Mark just using MS Paint! :D

  • jason green
    jason green

    Canada sucks

  • Hiroshinon

    12:58. Amazing art skills GO!

  • Milk man
    Milk man

    He looks both stoned and like he’s never done a drug in his life

  • Evo

    Woah. Looks like the setup he had back in 2013 or so.

  • Nuka Be
    Nuka Be

    This is epic

  • CJnrc130


  • Synth No More
    Synth No More

    Are you sure you played this before?

  • MrPingn

    Says he's drawing Sigourney Weaver. Draws mutated Johnny Bravo.

  • TheWolf 108
    TheWolf 108

    That opener is the scene where Parker and lamber die): my favorite scene from the original seeing as how Parker the money-obsessed jerk sacrifices himself willingly in an awful fate for a girl he barely knows. Yes it’s sad it doesn’t work but he tried and it was really to late for chats that development

  • TheWolf 108
    TheWolf 108

    I’m going back to play it

  • Astro Seal
    Astro Seal

    It's 2:16 am, the wife is in bed next to me and 9:00 had me dying of laughter.

  • Scott Powell
    Scott Powell

    The link don't work

  • rare L
    rare L

    No blueprints. Immersion ruined

  • Ay Ay
    Ay Ay


  • Mason Griffith
    Mason Griffith

    9:00 i laughed so hard that i choked on my own saliva for 2 minutes straight

  • Rachel

    Please finish Huniepop!!!! PLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEEE!!!!

  • AllSeeingEye20

    I came back to watch this scene again. 9:00

  • Jay96 Yagami
    Jay96 Yagami

    Does the promotion still work?