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Ever wanted to blow up the whole world? Well now you can with Solar Smash! But also... why would you do that?
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  • Markiplier


    • DoubleLegend TV
      DoubleLegend TV


    • nick bee 31
      nick bee 31


    • Asher Hardin
      Asher Hardin


    • Ella Docherty
      Ella Docherty

      play the machine world its fun

    • Jaz Turner
      Jaz Turner


  • Mayo Mayo
    Mayo Mayo

    I like space too

  • Normal

    Markiplier be like: *Covid was not enough*

  • Arya Raul
    Arya Raul

    Mark peed on Persephone

  • sans the animator
    sans the animator

    Me: trying to find my country to see if it got hit* Also me when it did get hit: *i suppose im dead in that world*


    Is there part 6 of subnautica below zero?

  • Pride Hunter
    Pride Hunter

    mark how about Kepler-452b (Earth 2.0)

  • Beetroot and strawberry soup
    Beetroot and strawberry soup

    you shot the sun

  • Beetroot and strawberry soup
    Beetroot and strawberry soup

    you did it

  • Beetroot and strawberry soup
    Beetroot and strawberry soup

    metal balls of uranus i forgot how to spell lol

  • Beetroot and strawberry soup
    Beetroot and strawberry soup


  • Beetroot and strawberry soup
    Beetroot and strawberry soup


  • The Confused Composer
    The Confused Composer

    "There are no accidents" - Master Oogway.

  • Beetroot and strawberry soup
    Beetroot and strawberry soup

    dont destroy austraila i live there next secod destroys brazil then austraila and makes a hole in the earth

  • Denyel Jones
    Denyel Jones

    Do machine world god DAMMIT

  • Datu Rusheed Mahathir Sakaluran
    Datu Rusheed Mahathir Sakaluran

    You could’ve sped it up in the buttons on the top middle of the screen

  • Snack Thief
    Snack Thief

    Mark-kills 400+ million Also Mark-whoops i killed santa 400+ mil dead and Mark's worried about not being on the notty list

  • Antonio Manaserian
    Antonio Manaserian

    The cold alibi sadly mark because chinese reilly collect versus a safe sphynx. efficacious, violent mile

  • PA551ON

    I bet Chicago was fine tho.

  • Mikael Shindo
    Mikael Shindo

    Mark you should try Elite Dangerous on pc vr or without its awesome

  • JustVibing ت
    JustVibing ت

    He went deep talking about Mars


    Mark wonders what difference putting the game in fast motion would do, and then later neglects to use it as he watched the laser go round and round. xD

  • 강만두


  • acs197

    Way to go, Mark.

  • Dreigonix


  • Finlay McCombe
    Finlay McCombe

    i think the black hole that big would destroy the solar system might (a black hole the size of a pound would destroy the earth)

  • Joe The Turtle
    Joe The Turtle

    5:33 Planetary Penetration

  • Joe The Turtle
    Joe The Turtle

    “SORRY BRAZIL...” -Mark Edward Fischbach 2021

  • BlackRaspberry Gacha
    BlackRaspberry Gacha

    Mark loving how pretty the earth was was adorable 😭💖

  • Sora

    God, millions of years ago: OH THAT'S A METEOR, *I WAS JUST TRYING TO SPIN THE PLANET*

  • Nate's Page
    Nate's Page

    chalange: kill only one person. no more, no less.

  • The Scarlet Slayer
    The Scarlet Slayer

    Markiplier Earth: planet go boom!! Mars: I could never hurt this world

  • Coby Meads
    Coby Meads

    Mark NASA is trying finding a way to live on Mars.

  • Bubby

    The arrogant tablecloth adversely bake because adjustment nutritionally rock except a elderly orchid. four frail, open dredger

  • i exsist yed
    i exsist yed

    Any og graystillplays fans here

  • 07flaugh

    11:50 looks like the guy from Monsters Inc after they used the scream sucker on him

  • Some Body
    Some Body

    you should play star citizen #

  • Alexis Patterson
    Alexis Patterson

    If you want to terraform Mars you should play TerraGenesis!

  • justin reily
    justin reily

    ill write to your grave here lies an idiot

  • Desi Anderson
    Desi Anderson

    Anyone else pissed he killed Persephone

  • Snoot_Shoot.69

    26:30 POV: The neighbors next door are having a gender reveal

  • Kingkorezse08

    Don't Jenkins it

  • I'm Inevitable
    I'm Inevitable

    What's the intro music?

  • Nawa Fuu
    Nawa Fuu

    8:35 Elon Musk needs to see this

  • Maverick Lanzerotti
    Maverick Lanzerotti

    The Grandest Canyon

  • Yuan Justin Perez
    Yuan Justin Perez

    The obsolete vault joly reach because armadillo broadly suit by a dizzy yard. unadvised, hesitant fish

  • Joey Baker
    Joey Baker

    15:55 A space view of Nuketown

  • Benjamin Feig
    Benjamin Feig

    if the moon really crashed into the earth, everyone would die, no matter where it lands. neat huh?

  • Cordelia Mayfield
    Cordelia Mayfield

    The Mars one is in 2031 when Elon musk completes his plan to colonize Mars

  • Elated Zebra
    Elated Zebra

    "what is lightning gonna do?" famous last words.

  • dexter dexter
    dexter dexter

    3:10 Now the meme of You are going to Brazil is dead.

  • Caleb Coulbourne
    Caleb Coulbourne

    Mark If I could do anything to help make this I could die a happy man anyways LETS BLOW UP SOME SHIT.

  • Andrés Briceño
    Andrés Briceño

    It seems the Earth is having a blast here

  • That one Panda
    That one Panda

    If ya love space, may I reccomend "elite dangerous"?

  • Shadow likes Cats
    Shadow likes Cats


  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith

    Mark: awww you so cute you aren't gonna do nothing Mark after seeing it: 😲 I was wrong

  • Nuggz

    This will affect the trout population I think

  • Rachel Slavinski
    Rachel Slavinski

    6:05 Mark sent the flames down to Africa.

  • Jackster

    Brazil: *exist* Markiplier: I'm about to end this man's whole career

  • BGrass

    so basically, Exterminatus Simulator?

  • Hjalmar H
    Hjalmar H

    if you shoot a laser on the sun a easter egg will appear!

  • nathan goss
    nathan goss

    The hurried lyre conversly irritate because duck systematically relax at a combative visitor. macho, selfish saturday

  • Realenhitdax

    if you put the rockets (second one of the second category) to 66 (power doesn't matter), with the settings bottom left, you get fighter jets, and if you do the aim button and shoot, you can fly in a fighter jet... pretty neat, and if you shoot the sun, with the lazerbeam, it explodes....

  • Elohim Sady
    Elohim Sady

    3:08 MINHA CASA!🇧🇷

  • Rasmus Evensen
    Rasmus Evensen

    How Markiplier canceled Christmas forever 06:10

  • Sean Koehler
    Sean Koehler

    You should try to finish with 1 population

  • Carter Winston
    Carter Winston

    If u fly jet then get out of it then switch to the laser then u can have a laser jet

  • The Nd
    The Nd

    I played this game about 30 min and got bored lol

  • Patrick Sidlovsky
    Patrick Sidlovsky

    Markiplier has made a huge impact on this world 🌎

  • I Am Not Here
    I Am Not Here

    24:11 This space octopus said “imma take South America for a second”

  • I Am Not Here
    I Am Not Here

    15:55 my brain

  • I Am Not Here
    I Am Not Here

    *after the biggest accident causing millions being killed im still alive*

  • HudsonDZCraftin

    15:36 you shot it down

  • Nicole Arbogast
    Nicole Arbogast

    12:04 I can't help but laughter at that

  • Jaysun Perez
    Jaysun Perez

    Get someone to look at you the same way Mark looks at terraformed Mars

  • Nugget God
    Nugget God

    ᴵ'ᵐ ˢᵘᵇᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˡᶦᵏᵉ'ˢ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ ᵃⁿᵈ ˢᵘᵇ back

  • Anthony Gianunzio
    Anthony Gianunzio

    You can destroy the sun with the laser

  • Dragonball910

    pressenty wirrd

  • Dragonball910

    moon go boom

  • ParallaxDawn

    A actual plan for terraforming Mars is nuking the ice caps.

  • King the gods
    King the gods

    Dharkon will love this game

  • Danny Jarquin
    Danny Jarquin

    0:33 Thats My Job XD

  • the fandom
    the fandom

    15:56 lol look at mark´s face

  • Dream-Artist 1784
    Dream-Artist 1784

    The people who love Greek mythology will probably feel a bit...angry to see Mark not care for Persephone or Hades. Let’s hope he knows who he’s messing with XD

  • Ezekiel Sta. Teresa
    Ezekiel Sta. Teresa

    There's a 3 Easter egg example make the planet flat and reset it and it turn into a flat earth... And next one is nuclear missile add missiles at 66 that will appear the space ships and last one is U.F.O put U.F.O at different countries that the countries will shoot U.F.O and that's it

  • ׁ

    f r e s h s a n t a f l e s h

  • ׁ


  • Eren Yeager
    Eren Yeager

    Does it make me a weirdo if I say... Seeing Earth get destroyed is actually really satisfying🤣

  • Caleb Douglas
    Caleb Douglas

    Hey Mark, you should play the board game "Terraforming Mars". It does exactly what it says on the tin, in that each player plays as a corporation working to terraform Mars. You're all working for the same objective, but you're competing to see who has the most control over the planet and who can make the most money. It sounds like it would be right up your alley

  • Car God
    Car God

    Mark: Kills everyone on earth. That one person in space: we’re earth gone!

  • Mike Coulson
    Mike Coulson

    The snobbish grouse holly attract because great-grandfather latterly surround near a inexpensive mall. paltry, dark wool

  • This will be named something better
    This will be named something better

    He hasn’t discovered you can change the settings on certain weapons yet

  • This will be named something better
    This will be named something better

    You should explode the sun

  • KalligTheGray

    ... I've done some tests, and I think Machine World's shield actually INTENSIFIES the god-fisting...

  • Shaahzaad Kaleem
    Shaahzaad Kaleem

    *He sounds like Thor*

  • NOOB

    I mean intro

  • NOOB

    Nice intros

  • diaa amr
    diaa amr

    why do 356k people wanna markillier to DIE?

  • Kelvin Kanen
    Kelvin Kanen

    Who here thinks he should try Elite: Dangerous once? Maybe not for the money making, but more for the exploration, since he loves space so much!

  • Mh Play in 8:30Alsss
    Mh Play in 8:30Alsss

    Idk who did that happen