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  • Leonidas Olano
    Leonidas Olano

    Muy buen video

  • Nicholas Ogburn
    Nicholas Ogburn

    Cheap kitchen knife: $25


    No robber is gonna mess with mark after seeing this

  • Nicholas Ogburn
    Nicholas Ogburn

    What works against Gongoozlers? One has me by the toes.

  • Maddie Miracle
    Maddie Miracle

    I used to carry one of the little alarms in my purse but I quickly stopped doing that because of an incident that happened last year. I was at the mall and had been taking my wallet in and out of my purse to pay, well somehow my alarm got unpinned and it started going off. But I didn’t even realize it bc it was in the bottom of my bag and it sounded like store alarms. So my friend and I are walking and I’m like “what store alarm is going off?” And everyone in the mall is looking around like crazy. I then realize the sound was following me and I start to panic and I realize it was the alarm. So I freaking rip everything out of my bag and throw the pin back in and it stops screaming. Everyone is staring at me in the mall and quite frankly, I wanted to off myself right then and there. They do go off easily and they are loud. If you are looking for that, then it is for you 😭

  • Nguyễn Phan Trọng
    Nguyễn Phan Trọng

    3:18 that face looks very familiar

  • ct b
    ct b

    steve-bob is really going through it today

  • Anthony Large
    Anthony Large

    Markiplier brutally whips a black man

  • Gabedoggo

    25:22 AHHH

  • Brock Brokaw
    Brock Brokaw

    "Oh Steve what the hell back again bitch"

  • Wendigo X
    Wendigo X

    What sorcery was staff!!?

  • falloutboy9993

    End point: get a gun. Showing it can dissuade attackers and using one definitely will remove them.

  • Shreya Sanjay
    Shreya Sanjay

    I can see bits of Eef in this video

  • Shreya Sanjay
    Shreya Sanjay

    Yes Mark you're not a masochist 😂

  • Joshua Gross
    Joshua Gross

    First the MREs, now self defense gear; what's next, "Making a Bug-Out Bag?"

  • Finesse

    Markipliers head looks way to big for his body lol

  • Kim Lovestruck
    Kim Lovestruck

    ....this is all kinky shit and you KNOW it.

  • voodoomamajuju

    this is an Unus Annus video and nobody can convince me otherwise

  • Jeremiah

    10:31 my dad did that 2 years ago lmao

  • Cherai Leto
    Cherai Leto

    LOL 😂 your amazing!

  • Tersa Mathew
    Tersa Mathew

    So amusing and made me happy

  • Jack C
    Jack C

    Why does he remind me of Keanu reeves

  • J.M.C

    Tactical whip could actaully take down a bear

  • Paulo Coelho
    Paulo Coelho

    What is the brand of the lavalier mic he is using?

  • Josiah Grimes
    Josiah Grimes

    When your playing pubg or fortnite whatever game and your teammate gets knocked in an open spot Me Reviving my teammate 20:11 Me saying after 20:22

  • WhiteTowerGaming Official
    WhiteTowerGaming Official


  • ericson villalta
    ericson villalta

    mmmm yes very professional

  • Roman Hoover
    Roman Hoover

    this is the fourth time I'm watching this video

  • iApolibear

    “It’s a collapsible pool que” 😂

  • SpikeDog

    1:34 scared me lmao

  • Gremlin

    12:35 Me explaining Genshin to my friends


    Mark pro gun?

  • Mickelbill 2007
    Mickelbill 2007

    im gonna keep myself asselfable


    10:12 I'm going to try it


    Did I here toy? 9:11

  • Zane Mccully
    Zane Mccully

    I just want to softly slap the person trying to rape me because their life matters too!!! Mark are you ok?

    • Zane Mccully
      Zane Mccully

      A firearm sounds pretty damn good to me.

  • Saverius

    Why is Mark so focused on the eyes? 👁️

  • asmodeus

    Feel like this video is just Mark, discovering that he's a masochist lol.

  • asmodeus

    Mark: it's not letting me blow enough Me: okay Mark..

  • Omega DaGhost
    Omega DaGhost

    Where are the faster blasters... 😭😭😭

  • Maddie Mew Mew
    Maddie Mew Mew

    What did Steve ever do to deserve this?! What, be a mascott of Minecraft?

  • Maddie Mew Mew
    Maddie Mew Mew

    "I'm gonna die this is how i die" From a cut on the wrist? There are people who do that all the time, multiple times, aaaaaaand I should shut up in case I trigger someone. Sorry, if you're one of those people... I like how this comment is okay, but the one in which I stated the word that people might mistake Mark as got deleted instantly. That's *so* cool of you, IRbin. What an *amazing* job you guys are doing. I'm *pleased* that you care *so much* about the innocence of the little ones watching this that they are not allowed to know what a _________ is, even though Mark literally said the word in his video. Multiple times, I believe. :)

  • Maddie Mew Mew
    Maddie Mew Mew

    Steve: *kill me* Mark: Alrighty!

  • Theo the Raptor
    Theo the Raptor

    Markiplier isn’t really here. Something happened to the REAL mark I don’t know what

  • emo person
    emo person

    I could just imagine I'm trying to sleep and all I hear is mark singing I'm gonna die

  • Ethan Piedra
    Ethan Piedra

    The knife bracelet is a suicide item

  • The Dumb Adventures of teddy and Friends
    The Dumb Adventures of teddy and Friends

    22:25 who here has read BJ Alex..

  • BaseballBoy27


  • daniel patterson
    daniel patterson

    13:07 so its just a coin pouch

  • Alyumic

    Steve shall know *PAIN*

  • Bernadette Murphy
    Bernadette Murphy

    It’s sad the reason women need these :( Yes I know it’s not all men but it’s 99% shut up

  • Hari

    "enter the whirl-wind of pain" lol

  • Dumbonio

    While I was watching this my Ethernet cord arrived from Amazon I love coincides

  • Nolan SRX
    Nolan SRX

    Why would mark need a bodyguard when he already scared us with his self defense products 😬

  • Mad Mike
    Mad Mike

    hrmmm... *watches video in firearmese*

  • Shadow the wolf
    Shadow the wolf

    7:58 me when I see a fly 😆😆

  • RDDchicken

    I feel like it’s funny that I got an Amazon ad watching us Edit: I realize the ad popped up when he stabbed the head with the spikes In the eyes

  • Elijah Carson
    Elijah Carson

    "IN UR EYE B*TCH" Kurapika: -_- *not amused

  • Rhys Sidaway
    Rhys Sidaway

    Didn’t you know about instruction is a recent thing introduced😜

  • shrdw

    The wallet is just a emerald blade with cleave 4.

  • Johnathan Hoeschen
    Johnathan Hoeschen

    "Enter the whirlwind of pain."

  • Ethan Castillo
    Ethan Castillo

    Markiplier looks like discount Keanu reaves

  • Sonsett McGahee
    Sonsett McGahee

    Mark you good?

  • Ghost

    I cant help my self 3:54

  • pessuare

    what's song in the beginning?

  • itsov5033

    19:04 Goku just couldn't beat him, but Superman died. Now we know who will win, again

  • RikuNova

    as of right now of this comment post, the likes and dislikes as well as the amount of views are somewhat accurate to lixian's edit with 425K likes and 4K dislikes and 5.7M views

  • 🎼Ğåcha Ąffłė üwūঔৣ꧂
    🎼Ğåcha Ąffłė üwūঔৣ꧂

    "IM GONNA DIE~" *Me intensely laughing and also impress with his voice* Also the one that is not very spiky is a window breaker :^

  • Elijah Chavez
    Elijah Chavez

    This was just straight entertainment

  • The Golden Playbutton
    The Golden Playbutton

    0:20 *Graystillplays claps while watching his sims die* 19:50 Mark: I'm gonna die! Graystillplays: *leaves room*

  • katelyn terry
    katelyn terry

    moral of the story, never attempt to harm mark. we know what he has.

  • Alexis See
    Alexis See

    Not going to lie the intro makes no sense but yet somehow makes sense

  • Alivetrash Boat
    Alivetrash Boat

    Sponge Bob when he sees the tactical pen "you have learned well"

  • Alivetrash Boat
    Alivetrash Boat

    Yes=no no=yes

  • Rian Anggara
    Rian Anggara

    23:54 can somebody make an an*l joke or somethin?

  • jake wagner
    jake wagner

    Those are kubatons and you can't actually hit extremely hard with them or they will either slide through your hand or bust your thumb

  • jake wagner
    jake wagner

    Follow through with the whip and it won't hit you I've seen it used quite a bit and it's a lot better than a Baton

  • Canyonero CZ
    Canyonero CZ

    the dummy is good defense tool too

  • Killer Legend
    Killer Legend

    I felt really offended when mark made the french accent

  • Mystic Kitsune
    Mystic Kitsune

    I feel like he doesn't know that Steve is rubber, rubber is unaffected by ELECTRICITY mark

  • Thomas Pancake33
    Thomas Pancake33


  • R4K45H1 03
    R4K45H1 03

    Well, now I can't mug anyone anymore

  • Gwiz11

    Swiss Army Baby Axe

  • Joseph Anderson
    Joseph Anderson

    Haven't laughed this hard in a while. Thanks Mark

  • orueđ

    You use the hammer on the small axe to hammer the spike weapons into your foes skull :)))

  • Luke - Comedy And Crap
    Luke - Comedy And Crap

    Keanu reeves

  • Adam Hall
    Adam Hall

    18:48 had me laughing for an hour

  • SaRa Claws
    SaRa Claws

    I feel like that lengthy explanation of the whip explains that there may be other whips at other times. 🙃

  • Adam Hall
    Adam Hall

    I love the zoom ins on his videos

  • porcipine 420
    porcipine 420

    hes mark he cant use shit but we love u man plus IMA BUY ONE OF THOSE BRACLETS.

  • mooncat candy studios
    mooncat candy studios

    More tall lady

  • Humma Kavula
    Humma Kavula

    20:12 I’m going toooooo dieeeeeee

  • kyle s
    kyle s

    ha lol mark your suppose to push the pin in on the other side of the staff pole

  • Mango Overlord
    Mango Overlord

    I’m uncomfortable with John Wick saying “wap” so much

  • Mr Serket
    Mr Serket

    Mark payed a lot of money for a head on a metal pike

  • Twinkling Joiner
    Twinkling Joiner

    Unus Annus: I’m not a masacist Everyone else: mmhmm

  • ViewyGravy 3
    ViewyGravy 3

    Rule of the Day: When it comes to self-defence, spare no expense

  • the growth
    the growth

    Why do so many of these look like you’re more likely to hurt yourself with them then someone else

  • the growth
    the growth

    >Buy ten of the alarm things >Carry earplugs >About to get robbed >Put in earplugs >Trigger ten alarms

  • Harshal Thakur
    Harshal Thakur

    Jr. John Wick: