You’re too late...
You’re too late...
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  • Panda47

    It's at 37:10 Thank me later

    • Ellis Simmons
      Ellis Simmons


    • Carmen

      I hate you



    • Maria Roberts
      Maria Roberts


    • talkingpurplecamera

      There is one at 45:45

  • I'm_Not_ Real
    I'm_Not_ Real

    56:29 bottom mirror you won't regret this I think ^w^

  • I'm_Not_ Real
    I'm_Not_ Real

    55:31 that's a static sound that might be a reference to when he blew up something I think it was like a TV but I'm probably getting way too into this though (╥﹏╥)

    • I'm_Not_ Real
      I'm_Not_ Real

      56:02 someone's gasping for Eric that sounds like a woman I don't know just wanted to let you guys know I guess

    • I'm_Not_ Real
      I'm_Not_ Real

      Its a small sownd

  • I'm_Not_ Real
    I'm_Not_ Real

    6:14 look at the bottom mirror

  • ComicSans 726
    ComicSans 726

    I remember when younger mark used to do stuff like this but it was just a static picture

  • Qwer Tyu
    Qwer Tyu


  • Heaven

    i see u mom said u favorite toy is staring and smiling i see now

  • barrol boi
    barrol boi

    Only true ogs will know the original title

    • Seph

      You're too late

  • The Darkest Limelight
    The Darkest Limelight

    Someone put this in a spectrogram and comeback with results

    • Travis Phelps
      Travis Phelps

      I'm trying to to that with a friend rn

  • The Darkest Limelight
    The Darkest Limelight

    *opens the door*

  • Hamphield D. Phoenix
    Hamphield D. Phoenix

    One FUCKING hour with this shit Fucking hell he's out of ideas

    • Phobie TV
      Phobie TV

      Yeah dude, He’s stuck in a cramped apartment while filming a show, what options does he have?

  • Mario 7734
    Mario 7734

    This helps me go to sleep

  • Tashina Matt-collier
    Tashina Matt-collier

    Damn mark are you that bored

  • Calypso’s Hoard
    Calypso’s Hoard

    Thank god for skip feature...

  • Drastic Degree
    Drastic Degree

    I refuse to believe that you sat there for an hour😂😂😂

    • Wavebuilder14 UDC
      Wavebuilder14 UDC

      @Plague Z loop

    • Plague Z
      Plague Z

      Nah man I could see him breathing

    • Diamond 5894
      Diamond 5894

      He probably just sat there for 2 mins and stretched it for 1 hour

  • PotHead BobbyM
    PotHead BobbyM

    Is it just me or does it sound like he's underwater ? Or trapped in some sort of way it seems like we didn't realize those before but I think mark was showing us signs before

    • _Broadcasting_Channel_

      @PotHead BobbyM fu

    • _Broadcasting_Channel_


    • PotHead BobbyM
      PotHead BobbyM

      I hear moans of agony

  • Mathew Warren
    Mathew Warren

    It wasn't a 19 dollar fortnite card so I dont care

  • baby cire
    baby cire

    I think he made a deal with the devil let’s be honest this guy complains about everything and never says what he has is enough

    • _Broadcasting_Channel_

      Ia this a joke? lmao


      Is this a joke? lmao

  • Hunter

    i like to believe mark actually filmed this for a hour

  • Omar Fatfat
    Omar Fatfat

    You just wasted a whole hour of your life

  • pascual gutierrez
    pascual gutierrez

    What do you mean "You're too late"?

    • Memento Mori
      Memento Mori

      You're too late . . . . .

  • Slavtherussian

    Why does this scare me that I am late to this video and it says: "Your too late"

    • R3TR0 30
      R3TR0 30

      @Optic Power I DO NOT KNOW😢😭🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤧🥵😵

    • Optic Power
      Optic Power

      @R3TR0 30 too late to WHAT?

    • R3TR0 30
      R3TR0 30

      Because you are too late

  • Felix Waud
    Felix Waud

    Mark is slowly going insane and wants Unus Annus back

  • the toan vu
    the toan vu

    29:22 (Check Point)

    • I'm_Not_ Real
      I'm_Not_ Real


    • TheEmeraldSword


  • amanda Sondergaard
    amanda Sondergaard

    This was... oddly relaxing

  • error :D
    error :D

    i really spent, like, 4 hours screen recording this, editing it and rewatching the ENTIRE thing just to find it and i couldn't find it. now someone already did :,)

  • Alexander Steiner
    Alexander Steiner

    Markiplier: I bet you I could make a one hour video where I just stand in my room and don't say a damn thing and still get over a million views. Someone: yeah, okay bud. Markiplier:

  • Flame

    Fnaf irl!

  • Flame

    Very entertaining

  • Flame

    Nice content :)

    • Felix Waud
      Felix Waud

      Very nice :)

  • Charlottay Da Derpacorn
    Charlottay Da Derpacorn

    35:31 the teacher's copy 36:50 the student's copy

    • Surf Soc
      Surf Soc


  • Orange Sharpie
    Orange Sharpie


  • Charlottay Da Derpacorn
    Charlottay Da Derpacorn


  • Gunn Smoke
    Gunn Smoke

    I'm digging this atmospheric track (or tracks). Is it/Are they available anywhere?

  • Sandwich

    Reason for this: (JUST A THOUGHT) 8 years ago: Dont move. we all moved probably right? so... couple years go by: Dont open the door. Did we move? NO, we did not, now because the title is: You're to late... we dident get to the door in time, he sits there, for one hour, why you may ask? let me spell it out: O T H E R S I D E O F T H E D O O R yes, we are on the other side of door, Markiplier asked to open the door, right? wrong, it was Darkiplier, you might ask at 11:06, who was that? it was not Darkiplier, it was mark, 8 years ago when you watched dont move, near the end, he smiled, now go to the timestamp, did he or did he not smile? thats what I thought .

    • Sandwich

      @astronomical gamer yessir more lore keeps comin in


      case closed

    • TheIsirian

      Honestly? I thought that what's at the timestamp was a big Warfstache head on a hard paper.

    • astronomical gamer
      astronomical gamer

      Ahh some more lore

    • Sandwich

      its just a thought sooooo

  • kacey

    im disturbed...the hell is going on?!

    • kacey

      @Rorin Verlain oh right, I haven't watched marks vids in so long so I forgot about it lol

    • Rorin Verlain
      Rorin Verlain

      this is part of his long running horror themed narrative/storyline

  • Sandwich

    8:45 is... is it me or did the door get more wide?

    • mangotree

      I c it to

  • Jackson Reichle
    Jackson Reichle

    I knew it

  • eep spoon
    eep spoon

    11:06 lol wtf

  • Mya Haack
    Mya Haack

    Me: watching an hour long Markiplier video to see if anything will change. Also me: gets jump scared by an ad

  • AldeJ ツ
    AldeJ ツ

    Haha, just mark being mark-

  • AldeJ ツ
    AldeJ ツ

    But hey. thats just a theory a GAME THEORY, thanks for watching.

  • Nazyia Wyatt
    Nazyia Wyatt

    I’m still trying to figure out what was in the mirror🤦🏽‍♀️🤔

  • alternativ nickname
    alternativ nickname

    How can you be so still for that long

    • TheIsirian

      I was wondering how much of it was a loop.

    • ShikasiXMS

      It repeats a lot

    • Isiah Velde
      Isiah Velde

      @Bl423 Oregon naw he moves a lot

    • Bl423 Oregon
      Bl423 Oregon

      It was probably a still frame pretty obvious

  • Stupidlystupid

    Here's a little skip to more of the video 8:45

  • Sarah

    someone didn''t drink their milk

  • Remy The Artist
    Remy The Artist

    Mark we get it Unus Annus is over but-

    • Remy The Artist
      Remy The Artist

      @Felix Waud jfksngkd mood 😔

    • Felix Waud
      Felix Waud

      Mori* argh I should really sleep lmao

    • Felix Waud
      Felix Waud

      Memento* stupid keyboard

    • Felix Waud
      Felix Waud

      Lol memento morimmy friend

  • Alfio Cavaleri
    Alfio Cavaleri

    Why did I watch this hole thing


      because you love mark and have the patience to see if something happens

    • Felix Waud
      Felix Waud


  • Jae'Quan Barr
    Jae'Quan Barr

    this is honestly hilarious to me. Grreat spooks mark lmao

  • Jae'Quan Barr
    Jae'Quan Barr

    11:10 lol

    • mikeboi

      The Cat when the owner looks at it.

  • AwølSpartan

    6:53 this is starting to scare Me..

    • Optic Power
      Optic Power

      I clicked on it and RIGHT as I clicked on it it turned to 1:00 AM and I heard it and just went “aw hell nah”

  • Phoenix Borealis
    Phoenix Borealis


  • CheekyKiki

    Yo I hope he doesn’t scare me and make me choke on my tiramisu. It’s really good Update: he scared me a little bit but not enough to choke. Licked the plate

  • Emmett CEO OF OASIS
    Emmett CEO OF OASIS

    I have sat here and watched Mark watching me. Is it because I didn't want to open the door? There is a natural causes to that, but I won't tell you because I am a b*tch.

  • • That_One_FnaF_Fan •
    • That_One_FnaF_Fan •

    Exuse me what

  • Chaerod

    Did anyone else just put this on and start vibing with the spooky sound track?

  • Panda Studios
    Panda Studios

    Its at 33:29 and 37:12 Ur welcome

    • rose fluff
      rose fluff

      @• That_One_FnaF_Fan • shutup

    • • That_One_FnaF_Fan •
      • That_One_FnaF_Fan •

      @Panda Studios alr 😒

    • Panda Studios
      Panda Studios

      @• That_One_FnaF_Fan • yeah I know, I'm saying that so ppl can prepare, the pinned comment did the same thing

    • • That_One_FnaF_Fan •
      • That_One_FnaF_Fan •

      @Panda Studios no its a couple seconds before 33:29

    • Panda Studios
      Panda Studios

      @• That_One_FnaF_Fan • it's the same damn thing wtf

  • yoghurt ful
    yoghurt ful

    Bro I woke up to this

    • Lucas Alvarez
      Lucas Alvarez

      Then go back to sleep or he’ll see you

    • • That_One_FnaF_Fan •
      • That_One_FnaF_Fan •


  • ghayda

    ok i see it

    • Optic Power
      Optic Power

      See what?

  • mooncat candy studios
    mooncat candy studios

    Mark are you okay?

  • Arnab Sengupta
    Arnab Sengupta

    I see. I didn’t open the door.

    • Dededelete

      I was hoping so bad that eventually opening the door would be the good endingg

    • Combat Ben
      Combat Ben

      Should I open the door before watching this?

  • Arnab Sengupta
    Arnab Sengupta

    What’s this?

  • Zaviuan Phelps
    Zaviuan Phelps

    Here is a remake of this comment of the stuff you missed in this video 3:52 mark slowly turns to the mirror 6:06 markiplier at the bottom mirror 11:11 another mark to the left 19:42 another mark pops at at the desk 19:46 he disappears 26:01 mark pops up at the camera for a brief second 33:32 mark quickly rushes to his original position 35:29 mark goes back to the desk 36:25 the room goes dark for a while 36:50 it goes back to normal 37:13 jumpscare 44:54 another mork pops up at the top mirror 45:48 mark pops up to the camera 46:59 you can hear door knocking in the backround 47:01 mark looks at the camera for a second 50:54 another mark in the back looks at the camera in a creepy way 53:08 mark goes back to his original position 53:16 a quick glitch 56:22 something appears at the bottom mirror 59:59 the video ends

    • Zaviuan Phelps
      Zaviuan Phelps

      @xDslayersDx aw thanks man so are you want to see my content

    • xDslayersDx

      @M’wife Maybe it symbolizes something, & @Zaviuan Phelps - you're a legend.

    • Zaviuan Phelps
      Zaviuan Phelps

      @M’wife that would make sense also you’re welcome

    • M’wife

      I think the something at 56:22 is just mark again lol Thank you for compiling this! Made my life so much easier

    • Zaviuan Phelps
      Zaviuan Phelps

      @MEME MAN Struckmeyer no problem

  • Kayla Romero
    Kayla Romero

    Did anyone else have their brightness down so they only saw a blank screen and we're confused while reading the comments until half way through the video you got the bright idea to turn up your just me...ok


      My brightness is the lowest possible so yeah, it was a harsh moment ,_,

  • Luke van Kleef
    Luke van Kleef

    Jesus Christ your nostrils are huge.

  • C r a z y S a m a
    C r a z y S a m a


  • Mango man Navarro
    Mango man Navarro

    Sorry I am a bit late WHAT THE SHIT IS THAT

    • xwwier.

      its a scary type of his video like dont open the door ;)

  • Moth Child
    Moth Child

    It says that I watched this for 42 min and 37 sec but y'all, I don't remember clicking on this vid.👁👄👁


    There’s something special about markiplier and lixian.. I can’t quite sure where it comesmxfdamasddds a disown was nzndldndnskoswkbebdjdodjsbwbwodjxndmaoansndndowkwhdbxnxksmsneheiej

  • Banker Duck
    Banker Duck

    Back to his roots.

  • Sang Woo
    Sang Woo

    6 year olds playing hide and seek

  • CͨEͤOͦ Y.
    CͨEͤOͦ Y.

    If videos like this were posted in 2012 we'd be freaking out and call it a *"Creepypasta"* good times good times...

  • Hollow Point12
    Hollow Point12

    What in the fucc

  • AelaofAlba

    @LixianTV No way did you just edit a video of markiplier standing and sitting around for an hour. Hope he paid you good lol

  • Knightmare Abraxas
    Knightmare Abraxas

    It's time...

    • Optic Power
      Optic Power

      For what?

  • C.D

    huh, seems like every high schooler when they forgot to study

  • TwistedWookie32

    Mark is trying HAAAARD to get another episode on Game Theory

    • BlackOreoCookie


  • Tokyowo


  • JetBricks Studios
    JetBricks Studios

    Half the time it sounds like that noise at the end after you’ve flushed your toilet

  • Trevor Davis
    Trevor Davis

    Think it's safe to say,the thing possessing mark,is way more deadly than darkiplier

    • Trevor Davis
      Trevor Davis

      @Optic Power Do is very egotistical,if it was him, he'd let you know, and he's more into mental scarring than trippy shit like that

    • Optic Power
      Optic Power

      How ISNT it darkplier?

  • Demi -
    Demi -

    ......You doing good buddy?

  • Yogau

    The length of the video are 1, unnus video

  • Sutol

    terrifying, yet oddly calming

  • ja crispy
    ja crispy

    anyone else confused but still watching

  • yuno.mp4

    Mark..go to sleep

  • Rafael Pott
    Rafael Pott

    I wonder if the actually just stood there recording, for like an hour

  • _SamC5000_

    The beginning of another chapter ?

  • marcela


  • Demon.•

    Please Mark, what is this

  • Aditya Vikram Singh
    Aditya Vikram Singh

    Buddy you sleep walking again?

  • Badzylla


  • boop doot doot
    boop doot doot

    why is this just of mark standing around making no noises for a hour?

    • Optic Power
      Optic Power

      @E.E E.E ok

    • E.E E.E
      E.E E.E

      @Optic Power yep

    • Optic Power
      Optic Power

      @E.E E.E was it ALWAYS this creepy?

    • E.E E.E
      E.E E.E

      It's called you're too late because he hid a 5 dollar amazon gift card in the vid, but someone found it so he changed the name

    • Badzylla

      there's a jumscare at around 37:00

  • Malon_Joy

    thanks, i hate it

  • lilly delarue
    lilly delarue


  • Ibigboy69

    Quarantine has gotten into him.

  • Some random person on the internet
    Some random person on the internet

    POV u learned math with you’re dad

    • sa tan
      sa tan

      Bruh he be hitting if i don't know the answer

    • Otto ○_○
      Otto ○_○

      @Wya Kyidd it's written for Obunga

    • Wya Kyidd
      Wya Kyidd

      wtf does this comment even mean

    • Otto ○_○
      Otto ○_○


  • Viola Kantonen
    Viola Kantonen

    Thats some deep DEEP thinking how to kill someone:/

  • King Neodude
    King Neodude

    You're reading this. It's inevitable.

  • sa tan
    sa tan

    51:16 how i react when my mom yells at me

    • MEME MAN Struckmeyer
      MEME MAN Struckmeyer

      true there

    • MEME MAN Struckmeyer
      MEME MAN Struckmeyer

      true there

    • Skull


  • joao Ventura
    joao Ventura