You Will Like This Video
Write in the comments the exact time when you liked the video. Last person to like wins.
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    I saw this vid 1 week ago still haven't liked it

  • Lucas Dougherty
    Lucas Dougherty

    Markiplier: you will like this video Me: dislikes it instead Markiplier: no that's not how you're supposed to play the game

  • Poki doki
    Poki doki

    Watched till the end of the video, time liked: 10:41 am SCT

  • Simon Mikkelsen
    Simon Mikkelsen

    Failed at -0:03 (there was an ad)

  • thesushiwolf

    I liked the video at the beginning


    i will never

  • Gecko army
    Gecko army

    Ok guys start Disliking the video

  • Aribaba

    Jokes on you; i NEVER like any video-

  • beb

    Lost before video even loaded

  • Anime Music video’s
    Anime Music video’s

    Well I didn’t fall for that trick 17:00

  • Shubham Khatdeo
    Shubham Khatdeo

    This feels like ages ago.

  • Awsumsauz

    17 minutes of my life I will never get back

  • ComicSans 726
    ComicSans 726

    Australia time: 9:33 Tuesday 18th of May, a month after I first watched this video 16:54 minutes into the video... I liked this video Longest 17 minutes of my life...

  • FoxuSenpai

    Mark: "you WILL like this video." 441K people: "ok"

  • D0k3bu14

    still not liked

  • Raziq

    10 B.C., I am 5 parrallel universes ahead

  • Thetreeboy

    But I refuse

  • Charle Barnes
    Charle Barnes

    i made past 16;59

  • Real

    To those 441k who liked you suck

  • Mr. Fragrance Man
    Mr. Fragrance Man

    Liked after the end of the video; had to get my full like's worth of manipulation.

  • Professional Slav
    Professional Slav

    9th time here. I will not give in.

  • Moblofett

    Came back still have not liked this I will fight.

  • Pest

    Had to check if I had liked this video its been 3 weeks

  • Outofthemoon

    I just wanted to laugh and lost at 0:03

  • Aaron Lazio
    Aaron Lazio

    I failed at 0:28

  • ReyTiger 2019
    ReyTiger 2019

    Day 24: I passed

  • nullsden

    mark why dont i do you one better and you lile MY comment

  • Garret

    I have bestowed upon this video as of 9:29 PM PST, Monday May, 17th of 2021... a like Also I was 5 minutes, 24 seconds in. He got to me, I couldn't control myself any longer... I H A D T O L I K E T H E V I D E O

  • Somthing Darkside90
    Somthing Darkside90

    Looped 3 times. Still haven't hit the like button. I. Will. Not. Give. IN!!

  • Caitlin


  • momotech 764
    momotech 764

    liked before i started on instinct

  • Cristian Moore
    Cristian Moore

    3 weeks without liking this video

  • Hamphield D. Phoenix
    Hamphield D. Phoenix


  • skreeran

    Just checking in. 3 weeks later. Mark got to me for a moment, and I removed my dislike, but I mustered the mental fortitude to dislike it again. I must get stronger. There are still many years of my life to go.

  • True

    Who else is still going strong?👍

  • datrandomdugggy

    oh dear i just liked the video he he was right

  • Devin

    Mon, May 17th, 10:35pm.....



  • FlawGuy

    26 days later on May 17, I liked the video.

  • Jay Walker
    Jay Walker

    It has been three weeks and I haven’t liked Edit: I failed

  • Calak1

    Dammit he got me

  • Jay Sobi
    Jay Sobi

    1:29 that’s when I liked this video mark thank you 😂

  • MattManh42

    11k people disagree


    0:00 is my time Couldn’t resist

  • Sir Psychonautic
    Sir Psychonautic

    no, fa q

  • Artsy Baby
    Artsy Baby

    mhm no *bites lip*

  • Ludrey2106

    441k people have failed

  • You will never Know my name
    You will never Know my name

    I just like this video for no reason 2:33

  • Fire Raven
    Fire Raven

    time: 3:55 p.m. date: 5/17/21 day: Monday

  • Blank-Slate Studios
    Blank-Slate Studios

    Try Me Mark.

  • Ivan Romero
    Ivan Romero


  • 𝕿𝖍𝖊𝕭𝖆𝖞𝕬𝖗𝖊𝖆𝕬𝖗𝖙𝖎𝖘𝖙𝕺𝖋𝖋𝖎𝖈𝖎𝖆𝖑

    You won't get me!

  • Kevin lozada
    Kevin lozada


  • Nemphea

    I liked it while the ads went on 😅😅😅

  • Imma Karma
    Imma Karma

    I lost at 0:00

  • Luna Lumina
    Luna Lumina

    23 seconds in, I lost.

  • David Miljkovic
    David Miljkovic

    I'm gonna like this video at exactly 9 PM. April 22 2022 Watch me :)

    • David Miljkovic
      David Miljkovic

      @Private Pasta R.I.P

    • David Miljkovic
      David Miljkovic

      @Private Pasta why? I'm liking it at the exact time the Video came out where I am

    • Private Pasta
      Private Pasta

      but why not 10:22 PM February 2nd 2022?

    • David Miljkovic
      David Miljkovic

      @ChannelFlim23 me too :p

    • ChannelFlim23

      Hopefully I don't die.

  • Fuzer

    I started and imidaetly liked the video xD

  • Alexander Graves
    Alexander Graves

    To truly be the last like, one must become a madlad and simply not like the video. EVER. total madlad status MWAHAHAHA. I will always be the winner

  • Sadie Frye
    Sadie Frye

    I failed at 9:30am CST, May 17th, 2021

  • Alacer

    I've yet to like this video.

  • informitas 0
    informitas 0

    It's been 3 weeks, the dislike stays. I will never surrender.

  • Robert Nekita
    Robert Nekita

    woah I liked the video without even realizing it

  • randomguy justa
    randomguy justa

    i was supposed to like this video right? kinda pressed the thumb down

  • fan of DBZ
    fan of DBZ

    I will like it if it ever go’s up to 10 billion likes

  • tiziano Abt
    tiziano Abt

    day 1 march 17 im gonna be here, waiting till mark heart this comment at that moment im going to like the video

  • KINGDooms Day95
    KINGDooms Day95

    I lost at 3:35 . Hoowww doooeeess iiittt wooorrkkk!!!!

  • Matin Sbi
    Matin Sbi

    I mean it's quite a long way down there from the roof. i might like it in the way down

  • Aaliyah Tuimalatu
    Aaliyah Tuimalatu

    It been 3 weeks and i havent like yet

  • YaBoi

    I will NEVER like this video, NEVER

  • Karmtic- Amy
    Karmtic- Amy

    This video: you will like this video First few seconds Me: like for how entertaining it is


    3:18 EST 5/17/2021

  • J M
    J M

    I’ve still haven’t liked it yet... You’re not getting to me Mark 😏

  • Aarushi Jha
    Aarushi Jha

    What if we like and don't tell u, cause u dk who likes it

  • Aarushi Jha
    Aarushi Jha

    I'll like this on my deathbed

  • ???

    Markiplier it has been 3 weeks and I have still not liked the video I will win this battle👁

  • Lucario Plazzz
    Lucario Plazzz

    I’ll like this video in 2056

  • ReyTiger 2019
    ReyTiger 2019

    Day 23: I passed

  • Hatsune Miku
    Hatsune Miku

    he meant to swap the "will" and "you" in the title

  • Jude Yehling
    Jude Yehling

    10:01 pm 5/16/21

  • Ign3ous

    i liked instantly

  • Dusty_Ashes

    Here is the thing, i cant like the video if i close out of it

  • Dirt Squirrel
    Dirt Squirrel

    18:43 May 16th 2021

  • Dragon Of Berk
    Dragon Of Berk

    Been three weeks and I still haven't liked it

  • Kylie Hernandez
    Kylie Hernandez

    when I press play, I automatic hit the like button. Is starting to become a habit.

  • Silver Mare
    Silver Mare

    Mark: Li- Me: Done. Mark:... I didn't even fin- Me: shush, I can never loose when it comes to you, rest now in your insanity cave, welcome to Canada asshole

  • Autumn Moon
    Autumn Moon

    I Liked at 15:17. There. I hope you’re happy. I didn’t get a notification for this video until now. So, take your Like, since you want it so badly. You win.

  • Whitney Rose
    Whitney Rose

    mark....are you ok, i think the quiet is getting to you

  • Johanna Lynn
    Johanna Lynn

    Me: likes most videos before I actually watch it... welp 😅

  • ZP Allen
    ZP Allen

    Just liked the video.

  • STRIKER 23
    STRIKER 23

    When you feel like your having a conversation for 17 minutes.

  • Negomi

    Date of like - 23:10 16/05/2021 :) (liked at like 0:02 seconds lol)

  • Rorar The pig
    Rorar The pig

    I liked it so much, I pressed like twice

  • NDNG - Prenses memet Gaming Oyunda Hane TV
    NDNG - Prenses memet Gaming Oyunda Hane TV

    Day 19 of me trying to not liking this video everyday for my entire life

  • C J
    C J

    this is simply my brain when i forget my meds

  • Goatmaster121

    0:02, I’m a weak man

  • SnielS

    16th of may 2021 at 22:02. I failed

  • ImWeirdAsHell

    2nd second in and already liked it

  • Mr. Mangos
    Mr. Mangos

    45 seconds I lost

  • B Luz
    B Luz